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Serenity 2 possible?

Serenity_Poster.jpgIt looks more and more possible that a sequel to the Firefly film Serenity (Filmstalker review) could actually become a reality.

It seems that the Serenity DVD is selling so well that Universal had to “put out another one” - which I think means they had to physically make more – and now Universal are actually thinking there might be some mileage in another film. Wow, they're fast, I think we all knew this ages ago!

Straight from Wash's mouth himself, the actor Alan Tudyk, he talks about the possibility for the second film.

“so Universal’s like ‘So, let’s do another one’. And now… there’s now a chance there’s going to be another movie...

...Everybody in the Firefly crew – and that includes the ones who died in the movie – are excited about the prospect of doing another...”

Ah, I was going to get to that part (beware those who haven't seen the film, the comments may contain spoilers about the characters who do die), so how are they going to do it? Well a prequel seems the obvious route doesn't it?

From Moviehole through Jo Blo, Alan Tudyk went on to say that he and a few other cast members met at a party a few weeks ago and they were talking about the “Browncoats” being there, and that was Nathan Fillion as well, so it does look like other cast members are interested.

Of course you would like to see a Serenity 2, wouldn't you?



Yay! That is awesome news Rich.

AS long as it is NOT a Prequel or anything....Yea. Hell. Yea!

Would I like to see a Serenity 2? Is the Pope Catholic?

Like Kurt, I don't want it to be a prequel either.

Actually I have no idea if the Pope is Catholic...

However if it's not a prequel then they have to continue without the obvious team member or members. I take it you're all fine with that?

Prequel or sequel...doesn't really matter to me. I'd take whatever they can give us. If that means prequel so that the full cast is involved, I'm all for it, but I would prefer a sequel.


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