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Sex and the City video spoilers

SexandtheCity.jpgWe'd already heard some of the Sex and the City spoilers, or as we are being led to believe, scenes shot especially to misdirect everyone as the studio claim they are dream sequences. Now there are more pictures and videos from the set that show more of plot, dream or not.

Just to save you from it I'm not going to say anything in these opening paragraphs, and I'll leave it to the main story.

That said, I am beginning to wonder if these leaks are that important to the overall story.

There are some pictures and video of Carrie leaping out of her car in her wedding dress, racing over to Mr Big's car, and setting on him with her flowers. So what's happening?

We hear her shouting “you left me” and “never been so humiliated”, so does Mr Big not turn up at the wedding? If it is a dream sequence then perhaps Carrie is worrying about the wedding beforehand?

Who knows. All that we can be sure of is that the scene was filmed and as you can hear in the background of the sound on the video there are cameras galore going.

You would have thought that if the scene really was integral to the story they would have closed off the set somewhat.

Maybe it is misdirection after all, maybe Sex and the City is going to feature dream sequences, after all in this video Charlotte isn't pregnant.

You can watch the video in WMV format via this streaming link. The other pictures and the same video can be seen over at The Daily Mail.



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