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Shoot 'Em Up sequel script complete?

ShootEmUp.jpgWe heard that there was likely to be a Shoot 'Em Up sequel before, but there wasn't that much information on what was actually happening.

Today though we hear a rumour that the script has been turned in and approved, and that it is heading towards pre-production. It all seems rather quick I have to say.

Now up until now I was fully with this rumour, but it goes onto say that all the lead actors are signed into the sequel and that it's being fast tracked so that it can be filmed before the proposed strike.

It all sounds a bit too rushed, especially when the other pre-strike films out there aren't being put through their paces quite this quickly. It's also strange since the schedules for both Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti are crammed full of films, and it doesn't look like they could have any time available for a sequel.

The story comes from First Showing through /Film and I'm unconvinced. I could imagine that the script has been turned in and that plans are afoot, but I can't see they have the talent signed up already.

Still, they might squeeze in a sequel somewhere, but I think it is looking doubtful.



I didn't think much for Shoot 'Em Up to be honest. I tried to like it, but I and it just didn't click. It did have some good action/witty lines though.


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