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Singer's Logan's Run script review online

LogansRun.jpgWhen the news first came out that there was going to be a remake of the classic Logan's Run I was worried, as I am with all remakes, but this one in particular. My Dad's favourite film was going to be ruined.

Then Bryan Singer was announced as Director, and his long time writing partner Christopher McQuarrie arrived too, and suddenly things were looking interesting. Then, they left, and the film was dead.

Now the script that Bryan Singer was going to film has been read and reviewed online, by a fan of the original no less, and he loved it.

The original Logan's Run told the story of an enclosed colony of people whose society only allows them to live until thirty before they are exterminated in an elaborate ceremony called the Carousel. This process is to stop the drain on resources that older people cause in society. Some people chose to run before this can happen, and those that chase them and exterminate the are called Sandmen.

One Sandman is given the secret task of finding where these runners are going to, and where the few who have escaped are hiding. So he goes on the run and his fellow Sandmen begin the hunt.

Michael York, Richard Jordan and Jenny Agguter starred in this superb film which had appearances from Farrah Fawcett and Peter Ustinov.

Tim Sexton, the writer of the Children of Men screenplay, is the new Director of the film apparently, and the announcement came that Jayson Rothwell and Travis Beachman were modernising the script even more, going back to the source novel.

According to the script review over at UGO through Latino Review, the Logan's Run remake from Bryan Singer was going to be really good, and that's coming from someone who says that he's a fan of the original film. Have a look at the script write up, it's well worth the read and spoiler free.

His review doesn't go into spoilers of what happens after the Sandman Logan begins to run, but it does reveal that Singer's film was to really expand and give depth to the whole society in which the story is set.

It would reveal more about the Sandmen and the operation behind the running of the city, of fourteen year old children in school who were pregnant with their first of two allowed children, and so on.

What it would also do is alter the second half of the film rather dramatically. Logan and Jessica, the woman played by Jenny Agutter who runs with him, would not fall in love and drive the story forward, instead the drive would come from other directions, and Logan would not leave the complex.

There seemed to be many changes in this latter half, but from the description there were also some major surprises to the story. All in all the review sounds like this was an amazing script, so why didn't it get made?

Now we face the danger of a smaller scale version with a first time director at the helm. Not the same as Bryan Singer's version I fear.



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