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Smith chops Karate Kid rumours

TheKarateKid.jpgWill Smith has said that there's not going to be any Karate Kid remake for him or his son, but does reveal that one of his upcoming films is a comedy playing against the brilliantly flat Nicolas Cage.

Time Share will be a film that follows the hilarious antics of two families who have booked the same holiday. Woohoo! Tie me down and tickle me with a brick.

Sounds desperately awful, but what is great news is that Will Smith is not doing a remake of The Karate Kid and that his son will not be involved.

Interestingly the rumour was killed by E!Online at Yahoo News but it revealed something more about the rumour, something I hadn't heard.

Jackie Chan was being touted as playing Mr. Miyagi. Now that would have been great casting indeed. If there ever is to be a remake, I would get Chan signed up right now, I love that idea.



Hah Chan as Myagi would be awesome, no doubt Shia LaBeouf would be the kid? He's getting everything from Indy 4 to a walk on part in Eastenders - ok that last bit might be false.

I do hope the curse that befell Cage doesn't rub off onto Mr. Smith. Let us all bow our heads in prayer for the big eared ones safety.

I could see that piece of casting happening, but I think they might consider someone even younger, he's getting a little old for it now isn't he?

Mr Miyagi (or the actor who plays him) is dead. :(


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