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Smith's Red State passed over

KevinSmith.jpgKevin Smith's horror script for Red State has been passed over by Harvey and Bob Weinstein, and while the Internet hails this as some kind of sign that Kevin Smith's career is struggling, or that his horror Red State is dead, Smith himself remains quite optimistic, and in fact empowered.

The draft of Red State was submitted to the Weinstein's just the other week, and during a phone call with them Smith himself reveals that they didn't get it.

From Silent Bob Speaks through Bloody-Disgusting we hear Kevin Smith's thoughts:

"It's the first time Harvey and Bob have passed on anything I've wanted to do, but if they were gonna pass on anything, this'd be the one to do it on. The only explanation Michael gives me is 'Harvey thought it was more of a Bob flick and then Bob didn't get it.'"

What Smith then says is that he's fired up even more for the film, and that he's really keen to see Red State made now, although it may have to wait until after his Zack and Miri Make a Porno is completed.

"This represents a turning point of sorts for Scott and I, inasmuch as everything (with the exception of "MALLRATS") has been made with the Weinsteins. It might be nice to see if we can get something done without them. Whether it'll be nice or not, however, it's what's in the cards, as they don't feel the flick is very commercial. And, in truth, on the surface, it may not be - unless we get the buzz I think we'll get off the festival circuit."

He's still excited about it, and if it's right that they've written a pretty non-commercial film that would appeal to horror fans and those on the "festival circuit" (which usually means hardcore fans), then perhaps this is a good sign.

Remember that the Weinstein's are feeling that their fingers are still burnt after Grindhouse, a film that should have been a commercial success considering the names involved, but it really did fail miserably in the U.S.

Maybe that's why they aren't that keen on taking a chance with Red State which would be away from Smith's normal audience.



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