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Smokin' Aces sequel approved

SmokinAces.jpgJoe Carnahan has revealed that the direct to DVD sequel to Smokin' Aces (Filmstalker review) is to be called Smokin Aces: Blowback, and that the script is completed and read by the studio.

The good news he has is that the script went down a storm, and it looks like the film is going to get made.

Over on his blog, Joe Carnahan reveals that “they flipped for the sciprt” and it worked so well without even a thought of any changes. However he says they'll get some improvements made anyway, and that he's going to see if they can work some regulars into the film too.



tis a Prequel right?
who do you think will return cast wise? easrly to say, but even so ..

Yeah, I think that the film is taking the prequel route.

As for who would be in the film, well you have to think who would be classed as regulars for Carnahan.

Perhaps it's better to ask who you would like to see back.

I'd like to see Jeremy Piven, Jason Bateman and Matthew Fox giving another bizarre and hilarious performance.


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