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Snipes loses role over tax issues

WesleySnipes.jpgSo Wesley Snipes has been replaced by Derek Luke on the film Miracle at St. Anna, the story of the World War II U.S. Army all-black 92nd Division who are separated from their squad behind enemy lines. Having suffered racism within the Army and feeling bitterly mistreated, they find solace and acceptance in a Tuscan village called St. Anna.

However it's not the film-maker's decision, it's the U.S. Government who won't let Snipes leave the country to film.

According to Latino Review it seems that Wesley Snipes will have difficultly leaving the country to play the part in the Spike Lee directed film from a James McBride script.

The problem is that he is currently fighting charges in the U.S. for allegedly evading taxes and claiming millions of dollars in tax refunds. Something that he totally denies.

Now is it just me or are there stories of actors getting huge breaks from prison to film? Okay, I don't think that they've left the country, am I wrong?



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