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Stalked: Area 52 Director and Biel Dies a Little

JessicaBiel.jpgThis is not the videogame adaptation that has been talked about, but the comic series by Brian Haberlin (Amazon.com), the news is it has a Director and is going ahead.

Meanwhile Jessica Biel has signed to star in a crime thriller called Die a Little which is an adaptation of Megan Abbott's novel (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

According to the news from Variety through Rope of Silicon, Steven Miller is set to direct the film which is adapted from the comic series by Jack Phillips.

The story for Area 52 has a top secret facility in Antartica that stores aliens and recovered alien items after Area 51 has finished testing them.

An attack on the base unleashes something from the storage facility which causes havoc, and a nurse from the facility is the one that is left to try and capture the released horror and restore order.

Jessica Biel is set to star in Die a Little which is being adapted by Marcia and Geoffrey Blake. The film tells the story of a schoolteacher and her brother who is an LAPD detective. His life is turned upside down when a beautiful and very mysterious woman arrives in his life. That woman is played by Biel and the story comes from The Hollywood Reporter.



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