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Stalked: Babysitter call girls and prostitution rings

There are two films which have been announced for today which sound really interesting, one is about a mild-mannered man who inherits a prostitution ring, and the other is about a woman who turns a Babysitting agency into a call-girl agency.

Shining City has had a pre-emptive bid made for it by Warner Brothers, according to Variety. The upcoming novel from Seth Greenland tells the story of a meek and mild-mannered man who inherits a prostitution ring, and the producer of the project, Donald De Line, said that it treated women with respect and dignity. Seth Greenland has his first novel The Bones lined up for David Mamet to direct.

The Babysitters has been bought for world distribution. The film is the directorial debut for David Ross who also wrote the story, and it stars Katherine Waterston as a sixteen year old girl who turns her babysitting service around into a call-girl agency for married men. The change isn't a spur of the moment thing, but brought on by her relationship with one of her customers. According to Variety also starring are John Leguizamo and Cynthia Nixon.



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