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Stalked: Beatty, Curtis, Deneuve and Linney honoured

WarrenBeatty.jpgThere are awards aplenty being handed out at the moment, well it is starting to get to that time of year.

First up is the news that Warren Beatty is to be honoured by the American Film Institute with Catherine Deneuve and Laura Linney being honoured at this year's AFI Los Angeles International Film Festival, then there's Richard Curtis getting a BAFTA honour – which I'm surprised they didn't decide to keep to themselves and not award to anyone.

Variety has the news that Warren Beatty is to receive a life achievement award. The AFI Chairman Howard Stringer said of Beatty:

“Warren Beatty has charmed moviegoers as a dynamic leading man from his first moment onscreen...He is also a master filmmaker -- a writer, producer and director of such artistry and influence that his movies -- from ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ to ‘Reds’ -- have left an indelible mark on the cultural legacy of American film”

Really, you can't argue with that. You can argue that he's had some duff films, but he's also had some great ones too. Bonnie and Clyde may stick in your mind, but The Parallax View sticks in mine.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that both Catherine Deneuve and Laura Linney are to be honoured at the AFI Los Angeles International Film Festival this year. The festival director, Christian Gaines said:

“From both sides of the Atlantic, Catherine Deneuve and Laura Linney have each made extraordinary contributions to international cinema...Each embody through the complexity and nuance of their extraordinary individual talents the raw promise of a fine performance.”

Variety also tells us that Richard Curtis is to receive an award from the BAFTA (the organisation who would rather non-English language films died a death) for his humanitarian work. Richard Curtis is one of the people who founded Comic Relief in the UK, a spectacular organisation and a wonderful event to boot. Since 1985 far Comic Relief has raised nearly US $1 billion for charities in Africa and the UK.



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