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Stalked: Costner in horror, Caviezel and the Fanning sisters

Kevin Costner is to star in a Spanish horror, Jim Caviezel is in a remake of a thriller about revenge filled wildlife, and the Fanning sisters, Dakota and Elle, are joining Cameron Diaz in Nick Cassavetes new film.

Kevin Costner is set to star in a horror-thriller called The New Daughter which is to be directed by the Spanish filmmaker Luiso Berdejo making his debut in Hollywood. Costner is to play a single father whose daughter, played by the Pan's Labyrinth star Ivana Baquero, starts behaving strangely and the local burial mound in a neighbouring field is suspected. No baseball field then? The story comes from HorrorMovies.ca.

Jim Caviezel and Claudia Karvan are to star in a remake of the 1978 thriller from Australia called Long Weekend in which sees a young couple camping and hunting, killing and wounding wildlife right left and centre, but then the wildlife decides to fight back. The remake is to be directed by Jamie Blanks who directed Urban Legend. Hopefully the animals won't be talking to camera. Variety has the news.

Dakota and Elle Fanning are joining Cameron Diaz in the film My Sister's Keeper to be directed by Nick Cassavetes. The film is adapted from the Jodi Picoult novel that tells the story of a young girl that sues for emancipation from her parents as she discovers that her parents conceived her so she could be used as an organ donor for her cancer ridden sister.



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