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Stalked: Cusack and Roberts honoured

JuliaRoberts.jpgBoth John Cusack and Julia Roberts are being honoured for their work in film.

Cusack will receive Star of the Year at ShowEast 2007, while Julia Roberts received the 22nd Annual American Cinematheque Award.

From The Hollywood Reporter, ShowEast co-managing Director Mitch Neuhauser said of John Cusack:

“With an impressive body of work spanning the course of more than two decades, John Cusack has evolved into one of Hollywood's most accomplished and respected actors of his generation...He has garnered both critical acclaim (and) prestigious accolades for his dramatic as well as comedic roles.”

Meanwhile Tom Hanks spoke, along with many other stars, in honour of Julia Roberts and said:

“Everybody loves Julia Roberts. Everybody, everybody, everybody.”

Wow, well done there Hanks, I hope you managed to say something positive about her career too. Roberts didn't mind though, according to Reuters through Yahoo News she is most proud of being a wife and mother, and thanked her husband for widening her life, and her hips.

Well done to them both, I think you can agree that they both have careers that deserve honouring. However if you had to pick out films for each to show what deserved the honours, which would you choose?



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