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Stalked: Dallas and Superman casting rumours

MinkaKelly.jpgThere are a couple of early casting rumours out there which really are rumours but sound rather interesting none the less.

There's the one that Superman from the Justice League of America has been cast, or is very close to casting, and he's a man who's been in a cracking superhero film already.

Then there's the story of two main casting roles for Dallas which, if true, would bring the project back to life again as it moves onto it's fourth film attempt.

Now please do bear in mind that both stories come from anonymous readers and that they haven't been confirmed in any way, so these really are rumours with a capital...well, with every letter in capitals and probably an exclamation mark too.

First up is the rumour regarding that Dallas casting news. Dallas has been through a number of start-ups with John Travolta leading the pack as J.R. Ewing, well this seems to be the next as they drive onto their third, or is it fourth, Director.

The rumour from Cinema Blend has it that Betty Thomas (Hill Street Blues, John Tucker Must Die, 28 Days) is now directing and she has her family father as well as Pamela Ewing. Now if you'll remember the television series, Victoria Principal played Pam and I'm not sure who was the head of the family to begin with, but I always remember Howard Keel as Clayton Farlow.

Well now the head of the family could well be James Brolin, that dashing silver haired gentleman, with the sexy Minka Kelly as Pam. Kelly has recently been seen in Friday Night Lights.

As I say, hefty but fun rumour. The problem is if this latest round can make it further than the talked about gate, although the others have been close to starting something, rumours and dumped scripts and directors are all we've heard.

Next up is the Justice League of America rumour. Cinema Blend come through again with another hefty one on the possibility of Superman being cast.

Their scooper claims to have attending the casting sessions for Justice League, but missed this crucial one. Afterwards though they heard that he could be close to signing. The name? Rupert Evans.

For those of you who don't know who he is, best to turn to Hellboy, for he played the new handler of the aforementioned Hellboy, Agent John Myers.

Well what do you think? He may have the looks but I think he's have to beef up a little for the part. Oh, and here's a side note for him if he is beefing up, go a bit further than Brandon Routh did, just a little.

Update: No chance for Evans it appears, as his UK casting agency reveals that he's not even tested for the role. Word from IESB.



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