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Stalked: Hammer's Rave teaser and Wanted photos

JamesMcAvoy.jpgThere are some photos online for the Wanted film starring Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman and directed by Timor Bekmambetov from Mark Millar's excellent comic.

Then there is a little bit of footage online for the new Hammer House film which is heading straight for the Internet...and you can see why.

There's a first teaser out for the new Hammer House film Beyond the Rave, and if you can work through the TV presenters trying to make a name for themselves above the actual talk of the film that will be serialised on the Internet, then there's a little to see.

However that little isn't that promising, and for the new outing to be serialised doesn't make me that excited. You can see for yourself over at BDTV [Flash].

Meanwhile Wanted has revealed a few shots of what it will look like, and like the plot outline, there's little to make you think of the original comic work.

I'm not one to post stories about photos and posters that are little more than marketing, I like some information to give you as well, but these photos just confirm that the film is going to dramatically alter the original story.

Over at Empire, see the one with Morgan Freeman standing in front of the loom? That's the device that is used to alter the history of the human race, controlled by a secret group who use the Fraternity of killers to assassinate those that are in the way...That's a radical departure from the original work.



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