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Stalked: Mitchell on Code, Vega and King on Spirit and Darksiders gets rewritten

Darksiders is a tale of the FBI and vampires which is getting a major rewrite, Paz Vega and Jamie King are joining The Spirit and Rahda Mitchell joins The Code.

Laeta Kalogridis, from the Bionic Woman series, is set to rewrite the script Darksiders, a story about an FBI agent who teas up with a bunch of vampires in order to catch an arms trader who has their hands on some biochemical weaponry.

The story sounds an interesting one and will be looking for a Director once Kalogridis has completed the rewrite, according to Variety.

Paz Vega and Jamie King have joined Will Eisner's The Spirit from Director-Writer Frank Miller. According to Variety, Vega will play the knife wielding Plaster of Paris and King will play the phantom siren Lorelei. There's already a strong cast on board including Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes, Samuel L. Jackson, Gabriel Macht and Sarah Paulson.

Variety have the news that has been everywhere that the beautiful Rahda Mitchell will star alongside Morgan Freeman and Antonio Banderas in the film The Code. The film tells of a veteran thief who recruits a younger man to help him complete the final job of his career, problem is this one is to repay his debt to the Russian mob.



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