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Star Trek gains Dr McCoy

KarlUrban.jpgKarl Urban had been touted as a villain in the new Star Trek from J.J. Abrams, and I had been thinking that was a great choice.

The news today though builds on the strange announcement of Simon Pegg as Scotty, with Karl Urban announced as Dr. McCoy.

You know I really am beginning to think that J.J. Abrams is deliberately releasing misinformation on the Star Trek casting announcements, because I could see Simon Pegg more as Dr. McCoy than Karl Urban, and Urban taking up the villain role...although that's Eric Bana now...oh I am confused.

Mind you, the more I look at Urban the more I'm thinking that maybe he could be a McCoy. Oh I'm just not sure anymore.

AICN has the announcement that seems rather odd for the moment. I'm beginning to think that Abrams is really building an uphill struggle for himself, and the more I hear the less I'm getting excited about the new Star Trek.



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