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Statham nothing to do with G.I. Joe

JasonStatham.jpgJason Statham says that he has no connection with the G.I. Joe film, and the world applauded.

He's been touted around the Interflab as being connected with the G.I. Joe film as he might just play action man, a rumour he's put to death rather quickly today, and thank god.

Who in their right mind would want to play Action Man in a G.I. Joe film that is likely to be so overly patriotic the rest of the world might just burp up their popcorn? Not only that, they are dolls and action figures for young kids.

This has to be worse than the idea to make a Bratz film...oh, maybe that's actually working. Tell you what, why not try a Lego or Play People film next? Okay, I know G.I. Joe is a cartoon and started as a comic to start with, but still...

Jason Statham has said before that he's a little tired of his action man (not the trademarked name) typecasting, although I think if you're good at something then keep going, and that he wants to do some different things.

Choosing to be Action Man would definitely be taking a step away from that, and indeed from good action roles.

MTV Movies Blog has the comments from the man himself:

“[I have] no connection with ‘G.I. Joe...The old Internet can be quite misleading at times...I don’t know where that came from.”

Well thank the lord. I still wish he'd been picked for Hitman though.



hey mate. Hope all is well.

I'm a big J.S. fan, and I must say it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to see him in GI-Joe.

I wouldn't want him to be action man, but he could fill the shoes of a list full of characters.

I see that you may not have been a fan of the cartoon or the toys, but this movie does have potential and I think that due to the success of the Transformers (which I was very pleased with), that the powers that be will want to create a similar franchise.

Well I one would hope.


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