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Stopping Power stopped for good?

JohnCusack.jpgSo far as we knew, Stopping Power was dead. Then Melissa George, who was set to star in the film, revealed that it was definitely on. Now John Cusack, the actor set to lead the film, has revealed that actually it might not be.

We heard that Jan de Bont's Stopping Powerwas off after an investor pulled out, then a new investor came forward and the project was back on, that was until they too pulled out and the production went under once again. Then Melissa George said it was all on...perhaps not according to Cusack.

John Cusack said of the Jan de Bont thriller that there are some serious legal issues to get through that are holding up the film.

"I think they have to honor it or they're going to get sued into the Stone Age...That company is liable. They didn't pay the crew, they went Enron, they were bad. That's in that weird legal place. I just know that they didn't have the money and they weren't paying people."

So that comment from Coming Soon doesn't sound promising, and actually looking at the facts it does look like the film is in the situation that we heard it was in just before Melissa George spoke about it, in other words, stopped dead.

If there are legal issues involved and there's no backup investor, then the project is going to sit there until either someone comes on board to pay for the company's losses to date and the rest of the project to come, or they just declare it dead and move on.



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