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Superman writers leave sequel

SupermanReturns_Poster.jpgOn the face of it the news that the writers of Bryan Singer's Superman, Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris, aren't going to return to the sequel doesn't sound that bad, after all there are tons of great writers out there.

However it sees that there may be another issue at heart, just how well the first film did and the fact that the studio wants the sequel to "forget" what the first film said.

Now that is worrying. If they are going to try and forget what Superman Returns (Filmstalker review) told, silly things like the introduction of Superman's son aka Superboy, and the rather good aspect of the love relationship between Lois Lane and Superman, then aren't they going to just annoy the audience?

Sure most could pick up a new Superman well enough, but just avoiding what they set-up in the first film is going to leave a lot of unanswered questions for the audience, like where the hell is Superboy?

I think it might even jeopardise the return of the Director, Bryan Singer. I mean after his film didn't do so well in the box office as expected, and the studio weren't happy with some of the aspects of the film and then go and ignore them for a sequel script, as well as seeing the previous writers bumped, wouldn't you be a little nervous about going back in?

Well Latino Review, who carry the Variety story on the writers, also tell us that Warner Brothers are denying that they are ignoring the first film, as Marvel are doing right now with The Incredible Hulk, but they are saying that the action will be increased in this next film, something I don't necessarily agree with.

I thought the first film was fine for action and story balance, and are the previous Superman films all about action?

I'm hoping that all this talk of ignoring the sequel is all just conjecture, and that they'll find new writers just as strong as Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris, that they will develop a proper sequel with Bryan Singer, and just maybe work out a way to get rid of the Superboy storyline. Too much to hope for?



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