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Terminator 4 has a Director?

Terminator.jpgThere's a rumour online today that a certain Director is in talks for the new Terminator, and the way the rumours have been going, coupled with this news, I think spells doom for the film.

The word is that McG is in talks to helm the restart of the franchise, and restart it will be since we're not going to be seeing Arnie or focusing on John Connor.

The story comes from a source of CHUD's through Latino Review, so it's a rumour of talks, two big if's already, and the word is that this is going to be a pre-strike film, so that means rushed development.

McG did do rather well on the Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll just recently - joking! To be fair though he can handle various types of action well, from We Are Marshall to the Charlie's Angels films, but I think this means we're heading for another Terminator film like the third, with much less plot and more machine action.

I don't know but everything we've heard so far is just not good, and I can't see how CHUD think that this is the “Terminator we've been waiting for”, one without the Terminator from the previous series or the main character. Terminator is over, it's been terminated.



As soon as I read the name McG I had to stop, Richard.

As I said somewhere else; 'There is no hope but what the fans make for themselves'.

regarding Mc G, I laugh.

if he directs 4 it WILL be the end of the series.

charlies angels 1 and 2 didnt' do THAT well, as I recall, and Wild Wild West absolutely tanked.

how do people like him continue to work when Steve Odekirk gets blackballed? honestly?


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