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The Flash changes Director again

TheFlash.jpgThe Flash started with David Goyer at the helm, then it was Shawn Levy, and now its David Dobkin.

It seems that he announced it during his press junket for Fred Claus, now there's a good sign. We've gone from one of the most prolific writers of Superhero films, to the man who brought us Cheaper by the Dozen and The Pink Panther, and now we have the Director of Wedding Crashers and Shangai Knights.

I don't think this bodes well for The Flash, although at least George Miller will be able to shape the character and set the scene for David Dobkin to follow since the Justice League of America film will appear before The Flash.

At the press junket through MTV and Superhero Hype, Dobkin revealed that he would be casting Wally West as The Flash, and that his Flash will be in the same universe and be treated as a spin off.

I have to say it isn't sounding good is it? I'd have been much happier with David Goyer, although at least it's not Shawn Levy.



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