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The Next Thing on My List

I often write about announcements for new films and programmes, but it's not that often that they really do spark a lot of interest.

News that Jill Smolinski's novel The Next Thing on My List (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) is getting adapted has, for it's a really interesting idea that could bring a strong story to the screen, as long as they don't concentrate too much on the emotional aspect.

The story is of a thirty-four year old woman whose new acquaintance from a Weight Watchers meeting dies in her passenger seat after she crashes her car. She finds a list of twenty things that her new friend wanted to do before she turned twenty-five, everything from running a marathon to kissing a stranger.

The woman is guilt ridden after feeling as though she caused the accident, and she decides to try and complete the list herself, perhaps as some form of penance for driving the car in which her friend died.

The story from The Hollywood Reporter does suggest there will be a lot of emotional heart tugging and such, but I hope that there's a lot of drama too, it certainly has a lot of promise.



I sort of glossed over the announcement but the story didn't really interest me. I'll have to take a peek at the book.


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