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The Nines screenplay online

TheNines.jpgJohn August, the Writer and Director of The Nines has done something extraordinary, he's released the entire script online for you to read.

This is a superb move, although The Nines isn't yet out in a lot of countries, it gives you the chance to read the original tale and compare it with the film, or read it before the film.

I'm going to hold off reading it because I know there's going to be some strong twists and turns in the story, and I do feel that I've seen almost too much with the trailers already. However that shouldn't stop you having a peek and leaving your thoughts for others.

Here's what John August says about the script on his own site.

“This is the final shooting script. The original draft isn’t vastly different, save for two scenes added in reshoots.”

So it's the real thing. Well worth the reading, and you can get the PDF direct from the site.



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