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The Nines trailer competition winners

TheNines.jpgJohn August, the Writer and Director of the upcoming film The Nines, has announced the winners of his trailer competition, and the trailers are online for you to see.

The competition had various categories, but basically you could cut up his trailer any way you felt using the footage supplied, and any additional footage and music you wanted, and produce a new trailer. Winners would be shown at the film premiere and perhaps even placed on the DVD for release.

While I don't find myself drawn to two of the three winners, the "Could Have Been The Actual Trailer Award" does have some merit, and you can see it right here.

It's a good trailer for The Nines, and reveals more of the story than the official one. Head over to John August's blog entry to see all the other winners and notable mentions.



I entered this competition, you had a good selection of about 140 clips to choose from. I wasn't one of the ones mentioned but alot of the entries including mine went for the same it's a thriller tone so didn't really stand out. It was good of John to take the time and effort to look and judge each entry himself. The experience of creating the trailer was really fun and it makes me want to see the film even more. I don't think it is being released in the UK until december and even then it might just be a limited release.

Hey Shell, sorry to hear you didn't win, feel free to post a link to your trailer if you want to.

On The Nines release schedule side I think it does look like it's getting a full UK release, and it is November.

Thanks for the news about the release date Richard, i'm glad that'll i'll be able to see it in a cinema near me after all.

My trailer is here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Z_kdQioU56M It was my first attempt at movie editing let alone making a trailer so i didn't expect to win anyway. It's not often that you are provided all the materials you need to do that sort of thing so i just thought i'd have a go. Was great seeing all the different ways the film was interpreted.

Also if anyone fancies having a go themselves, i think there are still links to download the clips on both johns blog and the offical website. Although the competition is over you can still link to your entry on the nines forums at http://lookforthenines.com/forums/topic/post-competition-cut-your-own-trailer-thread?replies=1 If it is good then it might even get a mention on the main site.


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