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Tintin gets Jekyll writer

Tintin.jpgSteven Moffat is the writer who has been chosen to adapt Tintin into a film script for Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg.

Steven Moffat is most known for his television writing, and his work on Jekyll was superb. As yet it isn't known if he's writing all three films or just one.

Ah yes, if you didn't already know, the Tintin story is being developed into a trilogy with Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson each directing one of the films, the third remains director-less at the moment.

Tintin, for those non-Europeans who don't know, is a young man who's job as a reporter has him travelling all over the world and throughout these travels he gets pulled into adventures galore. He's accompanied by his dog Snowy and often joined up by Captain Haddock, Professor Cuthbert Calculus, and the twin detectives Thomson and Thomson.

Amazingly The Hollywood Reporter tells us that the books have been translated into more than fifty languages with over two hundred million sold. That's amazing, and one hell of a great job for Moffat.

The films are going to be made by using 3-D performance capture, my only reservation about the film to date. The question is what they do with the captured images, do they take them the Beowulf route and make them as real as possible, or do they go Sin City and stylise it towards the original comic?

My hope is that they take the comic route and we see something that really does pay homage to the source material. Frankly I think if they do anything else then they are going to come under fire from the original fans, and there are a load of them.

However there is something else in the works here, Moffat has a reputation now of updating some classic stories and really making them powerful and unique - just look at Doctor Who and Jekyll, so perhaps he could do something similar with Tintin?



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