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Transformers 2 writers announced

Transformers.jpgWell there was little doubt that Transformers 2 would go ahead was there? News comes through today that there are three writers on the script, including Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman who wrote the first Transformers (Filmstalker review).

The new scriptwriter is Ehren Kruger who carries a fair list of films on her CV, some good, some not so.

Amongst her credits are films such as Arlington Road, Scream 3, The Ring, The Ring Two, The Skeleton Key, The Brothers Grimm, Blood and Chocolate, and she's even attached to write The Talisman mini-series...that is before it died again.

I honestly can't comment on what this news from Teletext (who don't quote their sources) really means for Transformers 2, although I would suspect more of the same with some added darkness, but not that much I suspect.

The script has a long way to go, and for now we'll have to wait for some more concrete news.



yes, yes. darkness.
and moodier shadows.

can't wait for this movie about battling realistic robots...but with better shadows this time.

it seems up until now, they've been practically making up the news for this film. isn't this really the first solid thing that we've seen happen for it?

I think this really is the first piece of solid news.

I doubt they're going to mess with the formula much, I mean it was a money earner after all.


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