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Travolta joins Washington in Pelham 123

JohnTravolta.jpgJohn Travolta has signed up for Tony Scott's new film The Taking of Pelham 123, which already stars Denzel Washington.

That's great news for us as we'll get to see Travolta, not only play something dramatic again, but also play a villain.

John Travolta is set to play the leader of a group of four terrorists who hijack a subway train and threaten to kill the passengers unless their ransom is paid.

As I said before, The Taking of Pelham 123 is a remake, the original of which starred Robert Shaw and Walter Matthau, and Travolta takes Shaw's role while Denzel Washington takes Matthau's role of the detective of security for the subway.

The story from Variety really does have me interested, Washington versus Travolta on screen, and seeing Travolta play it hard and mean is always something I love watching.

Now as long as Tony Scott doesn't over stylise this and detract from the actors, this could be really good.



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