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Underworld prequel star and story revealed

RhonaMitra.jpgThe Underworld prequel is going ahead, a film we've heard talk of before, but not with Len Wiseman at the helm, it will be Patrick Tatopoulos who designed all the effects for the film, he's been promoted to the Director's chair and has brought with him a new direction for the film.

This idea, if it works, could allow for the series to be revisited and perhaps bring us another couple of Underworld films. Oh, and there's also a new sultry female on board who has already been dabbling with werewolves.

According to Moviehole the new film is titled Underworld: The Rise of the Lycans, and that is the new twist, it will be a prequel story that looks to the source of the blood feud between vampires and werewolves. The Death Dealers (vampires) once had the Lycans (werewolves) as slaves, but in the Dark Ages Lucian, played by Michael Sheen, rises through the ranks of the Lycans and rallies them against the leader of the Death Dealers Viktor, played by Bill Nighy once again.

The surprise casting is that Lucian has a secret lover, and her name is Sonja and will be played by the gorgeous Rhona Mitra.

There's a mixed reaction to the Underworld films, I thought they weren't fantastic, but they gave good on screen excitement and action with a new twist to the old monster legends, and there was Kate Beckinsale of course.

Now though they are giving it another twist, adding the sexy Rhona Mitra, and Len Wiseman thinks it's a good choice for Director.

"Patrick has always played such an essential part in helping to create 'Underworld' from the start. ... So I feel it is both exciting and fitting that (he) now takes the helm."

What do you think, could this match up to the others, and will Mitra grab you as well as Beckinsale?



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