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Untraceable trailer online

DianeLane.jpgA trailer has appeared online for a new thriller called Untraceable starring Diane Lane and Colin Hanks. Reading the description it hits as a typical serial killer versus the FBI story where the tables are turned on the lead FBI investigator by the killer.

However taking a look at the trailer reveals something more intelligent. The use of cyber-crime in Untraceable seems to be not only pretty realistic, but also incredibly clever, and the idea of murdering people live on the internet dependent on the number of hits is pretty ingenious.

That's exactly what the killer does. In the film KillWithMe.com is the site that the killer sets up (not currently active on the interflab it seems) where each visitor drains a little more blood from the victim, and the more people that visit, the more life is drained away from them.

As the FBI cyber-crime team track closer and closer to the killer, the killer turns their attention to the lead investigator played by Diane Lane with her son being played by Colin Hanks.

You can see the trailer over at MSN [Flash] through Coming Soon. I don't think it gives away anything of the plot or the twists, unusually for Hollywood thriller trailers, and it does look pretty strong.

What do you think? Strong use of computers in Hollywood? Have they nailed it with this one rather than doing their usual far from reality stuff?



I'll see anything with DIANE LANE in it.

Quality movie star!

Does look good too!

Trailer is quite impressive I thought.


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