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Vin Diesel as new Terminator?

VinDiesel-Kilt.jpgThere's a rumour kicking about that Vin Diesel is being considered for a role in Terminator 4, now whether that is for a Terminator or the new John Connor main hero replacement is unsure.

The reason it's unsure is that no one really knows what the plotline is going to be and indeed what the timeframe is.

Some rumours have come out that the timeframe will be well in the future of the war, and other are saying that Terminator 4 would continue on from where Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines left off. Frankly I can't believe the last rumour since they are replacing Nick Stahl as John Connor for the main hero.

CHUD suggest that Vin Diesel could be a resistance fighter as the film is going to be in a future time frame and might be set when the Terminators first start appearing as humans, showing one infiltrating the human resistance and betraying them from the inside.

Now I'm not sure about that as it would seriously mess with the timeframe. Arnie's model of Terminator stood out like a sore thumb amongst humans, so the first model appearing amongst them and betraying them would kind of mess with the timeframe of the existing Terminator films, wouldn't it?

The rumour for Diesel looking at the role comes from AICN, and bear in mind that it is a rumour. Still, I think he's a pretty good choice as a Terminator that would be a newer model than Arnie's Terminator, even as a resistance fighter. To me though, I think Terminator, who else could do the job? The Rock?



Too be honest I would really like it if they keep the T-X from the last film. They could show more powers (weapons etc) that 'she' has and make her more of a threat. But of course the T-X wouldn't fit with the timeline so that idea is out the window. Or is it??

I know that Diesel was considered for the T-X last time round before they opted for a female Terminator.

I don't know, I'm glad that 'Terminator' is in the news a lot recently, but for me its for the wrong reasons.

I hope its a rumour(!)

Summer Glau from the Terminator series should be put into the fourth installment. She is a new kind of Terminator, (not by being female) but hse is diffenet for example she can digest food, smiles more often and laughs. Plus she makes a helluva good Terminator.


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