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Wahlberg replaces Gosling on The Lovely Bones

MarkWahlberg.jpgRyan Gosling has been replaced by Mark Wahlberg on Peter Jackson's film The Lovely Bones a mere day before filming was to begin.

The reason isn't clear, although it is being reported as that old chestnut, creative differences. It must have been something sudden as Ryan Gosling had put on weight and grown a beard for the role.

Mark Wahlberg will take over his character in the film about a young girl who is murdered and watches events after her death from beyond the grave. He'll play her father according to Variety.

It's becoming a really busy time for Wahlberg with a number of big projects on his slate, and hopefully Peter Jackson will be able to pull out a strong performance from him on The Lovely Bones, sometimes I do fear that Wahlberg doesn't give his best on screen and can often come across poorly.



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