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Watchmen's Black Freighter on DVD

Watchmen_Poster.jpgZack Snyder had been keenly talking about his desire to include the sub-story of Tales of the Black Freighter along with Watchmen - for those of you who don't know, throughout the Watchmen story this comic within a comic is referenced and we a story that gives us a little insight into the events at the heart of Watchmen.

Well now it has been revealed that Tales of the Black Freighter is going to be filmed and released on the DVD.

A friend of Moviehole's over at Warner Brothers told them that the DVD will have the complete story as the studio are so pleased with the work that Zack Snyder is producing on Watchmen that they've forked out for this extra story.

For those who don't realise, this is a big nod towards the fans of the original Watchmen, and to Snyder's own vision of the story on the big screen.

What it also suggests to us is that there's some great reverence over there for the film and the original material, and that Snyder could well be producing something rather special.

Tales of the Black Freighter is a simple story that starts with a lone survivor of a shipwreck, floating at sea and eating the flesh of the dead to survive. His ship was attacked by the Black Freighter and he is the lone survivor. Slowly he manages to reach land and his home, but only after he has been driven almost insane by the isolation and the acts that he's carried out in order to survive. When he finally reaches home it seems that the Black Freighter has tainted everything he knows, and it's not finished with him yet.

It's a nice little tale in itself and has some great visuals, but it does mirror the situation of the world represented in the Watchmen. I wonder if Gerard Butler is still attached?

For fans this is great news, and for those who aren't…well you'll probably wonder what it's all about!



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