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West directs Baghdad invasion

TombRaider.jpgThere seems to be a lot of negativity towards Simon West just now, especially since he is attached to direct the story Thunder Run, about a reporter accidentally assigned to one of the Army divisions spearheading the invasion of Baghdad.

I find myself wondering why though, as he directed Con Air, The General's Daughter and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

I'm sure to have raised some eyebrows there, but Con Air was a hell of a fun ride, and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider certainly is too. If you look at direct videogame adaptations I have to say that Lara Croft is riding high up there. It was also an enjoyable and action packed film, sure it didn't have a great deal of depth, but it was fun.

Then there's The General's Daughter, which I really did think was a good film. The characters were rich, the storyline intriguing, and the film as a whole was slightly darker than one would expect. I enjoyed it as much as the other two.

So when there's mention of Simon West directing this story from David Zucchino's non-fiction book, which Zucchino will himself adapt for the screenplay, why is everyone, such as Empire, getting in a twist?

Well I would guess it is because this is a true story, and despite the potential for some amusement and huge action sequences, it's real. It's about real people, and it's about a real war going on right now. So the need for reality is high, and the popcorn type entertainment is low.

However, I think if you look at these films it's clear he can do action, and with the General's Daughter specifically, he can do drama, suspense and dark. With the script written by the man who was actually there, I think he's not that bad a choice for the film Thunder Run.

Sure there could have been better, but there can be worse too. Brett Ratner? Uwe Boll? Give the man a chance I say, I still think he's earned it with these three films.



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