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Win Tell No One DVD's

TellNoOne.jpgNe le dis à personne, or Tell No One, is an excellent French thriller adapted from the bestseller of Harlan Coben by Guillaume Canet, who also directs, and Philippe Lefebvre.

I really enjoyed this film when I saw it, and it provided quite a few surprises as it played out. It's an excellent thriller and when put up against the flashy and loud thrillers of Hollywood of late, this one knocks them flat.

Now you can win the DVD.

This competition is closed
This competition is closed

The story opens eight years previously, where a group of friends are enjoying a weekend in the country. Margot and Alexandre Beck leave to visit their childhood haunt at a local lake, and swim to the centre. After a short argument Margot heads back to the car, and after a few moments Alexandre hears a shout.

He races towards the shore, and as he mounts the pier he's struck in the head and falls into the water unconscious.

Eight years later we find that Margot had been murdered and Alexandre had been in a coma, and had been a suspect until her murder was associated with a serial killer. Since then he's buried himself in his job as a paediatrician and never full remembered the events of that day.

Then two bodies are found near the site which reopens the case and the police interest in Alexandre. Meanwhile he begins to receive emails with some strange webcam footage, and the warning that he's being watched.

Here's an extract from the Filmstalker review:

“...a slow and deliberate pace...heavy on characterisation and natural development...a strong and utterly engaging thriller...a great style to the filming...the characters come through easily, and provide an excellent showcase for some subtle and natural character acting.”

The film stars a whole host of French talent, as well as one very well known British actress, François Cluzet, Marie-Josée Croze, Kristin Scott Thomas, François Berléand, Nathalie Baye, Jean Rochefort, Marina Hands.

I have three DVD's to give away, and I'm going to make the question really easy for you. The competition is open to UK residents only and closes on the 31st of October.

To win simply answer the following question and email to competition@filmstalker.co.uk along with your name and full UK postal address before the end of October 31st 2007.

As usual, these details go to no one else apart from me and are kept in my private email on my personally locked computer in my own house. Your details will be passed to the company responsible for mailing out the prizes and then deleted, you will not be contacted again.

Name the film that saw Kirstin Scott Thomas attend various events with Hugh Grant.

Come on that's easy! Answer the question, email me, and you could win. Believe me there aren't that many entries for these competitions so you're in with a good chance of winning a free DVD.

This competition is closed



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