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Wonder Woman officially delayed

WonderWoman.jpgIt's not really a surprise that Joel Silver has announced that the Wonder Woman film has been delayed, and not just because of the Justice League of America film.

I think it's fair to say this was in the cards when the production was going through changes galore earlier on in the year.

Remember that Joss Whedon was working on the project until he was dropped, and then we heard that Joel Silver had bought a new script treatment from some first time writers?

Well it would have been fair to say that at that stage the project was going to be pushed back quite a bit as they had a whole new script to write, now though Silver is pretty clear that Wonder Woman is on hold.

“They're going to make the Justice League movie, and we're kind of pausing on Wonder Woman now...Let them go ahead and do that picture...”

Are his words from a press conference through Sci Fi Wire. So it looks like they are going to buy themselves more time and wait to see how the Justice League of America Wonder Woman turns out. Maybe they think they can just follow on from there, or perhaps they are going to wait to see how that film does before considering a full Wonder Woman film.



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