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Writer found for Cobain biographical film

KurtCobain.jpgAfter the success of Control, the biographical film of Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division who committed suicide at the age of twenty-three, the biographical film of Kurt Cobain is taking a step forward to being made as a writer is announced.

David Benioff has been signed to write the story which is being developed by Working Title, Reveille Motion Pictures and Universal with Courtney Love as a producer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Benioff will use the 2001 book Heavier Than Heaven by Charles Cross (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) which looked into the singer's life. Meanwhile Variety tell us that there's no word on if the music rights are secured as yet, although with Courtney Love on board for production you would think they were, or at least will be.

Kurt Cobain was the lead singer of Nirvana whose life sounds similar to Curtis', struggling with drug addiction (although I don't know how much struggling there was) he eventually committed suicide in 1994.

Well on one hand an icon such as this would fit well on screen, but to me it's another tale of someone with an excellent gift, a huge career, who threw it all away and killed himself leaving others close to him to deal with life.

I wonder if sometime in the future that Britney Spears might get the same amount of attention, after all she's struggling with all sorts of issues and on paper her story matches these two quite well.



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