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Zulu receives new DVD release

Zulu.jpgZulu is one great war film, and I love the classic war films, and this one is just about to make a new appearance on DVD. Despite the new release there's a few glaring shortcomings in the new release.

For those of you who don't know, Zulu is a classic film that relives an iconic battle 1879 between the British Army and the Zulu warriors.

The Zulu forces had just massacred over one and a half thousand British Troops in one of the worst defeats of the British Army in history, and now they were marching on a small hospital post with a mere one hundred and thirty-nine Welsh infantrymen. They fought for twelve hours, won eleven Victoria Crosses, and barely managed to survive.

Obviously Zulu does take liberties with the actual events, but it does create one of the best war films ever, and with huge thanks to the real star of the film Stanley Baker. He was a key producer and from all accounts he brought the cash to get the film made, not only that but he was the lead of the film, no matter what the marketing material might say.

That is the most interesting part, for on this, and previous releases of the film, Michael Caine's name is prominent and with Baker's nowhere in sight. Caine was a bit part player until this film which gave him his big break. So it's rather disappointing that Caine receives the big billing on the disc and Baker is nowhere to be seen.

There's also so much history and behind the scenes story to this film that it's somewhat disappointing that the audio commentary doesn't see an appearance from Michael Caine, instead we see a Film Historian and the second unit Director. Still it is a two disc set and it could well be a brand new transfer with digital sound, here's the known specifications so far from DVD Times:

2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
English DD5.1 Surround
Feature Commentary with Film Historian Sheldon Hall and Zulu’s Second Unit Director Robert Porter
The Music Of Zulu
Zulu: Remembering An Epic
The Making Of Zulu: Role Of Honour
The Making Of Zulu… And Snappeth The Spear In Sunder
Theatrical Trailer

While I love the film, I'm not so sure that this is such a great version as it boasts on the cover. I really hope it does, but I just wish they had sorted out that audio commentary and pulled Michael Caine onto it.



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