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9/11 documentary team tackle religious leaders

The French film makers who made the 9/11 documentary are now tackling relgion and the belief of organised religions.

One of the film makers, Jules Naudet, said that he gained the idea when he was racing out of the South Tower of the World Trade Centre as it began to collapse above him.

Jules Naudet said of the conception:

"As I was running for my life, I was confronted with mortality and questions about the meaning of life...These questions continued to be in the back of my mind, and after a couple of years, I decided we should ask them to the people who would have the answers."

Do they? Do they really have the answers? I hope that the documentary will look into non-belief and non-organised belief as much as it does organised belief.

The story comes from Reuters who tell us the scope of the film.

"Two and a half years ago, the Naudet brothers began researching issues of religion and travelled around the world to meet 12 spiritual leaders: the pope; the Dalai Lama; Patriarch Alexei II, head of the Russian Orthodox Church; Bishop Mark Hanson, president of the Lutheran World Federation; Dr. Frank Page, president of the Southern Baptist Convention; Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury and head of the Church of England; Ayatollah Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah, a prominent Shi'ite Muslim leader; Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi, Sheikh of Al-Azhar and a prominent Sunni Muslim leader; Yona Metzger, Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel; Joginder Singh Vedanti, Jathedar of the Akal Takht, the Sikhs' highest authority; Michihisa Kitashirakawa, high priest of the Shinto Grand Shrine of Ise; and Amma, a Hindu spiritual leader."

Wow, that's a fair list, and guaranteed to bring out a whole range of differing beliefs and that's something that Jules and Gédéon Naudet deliberately chose.

"We chose these 12 leaders because of the vast number of believers -- more than 4 billion -- that their faiths represent...We also wanted to explore the diversity of spirituality in our world today."

I'm quite curious as to how this could turn out, is there going to be a balanced view made, or is this going to show us the disparity of belief's between the organised religions? What would you like to see in this unique opportunity of gathering the belief's of these organised religion leaders?



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