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Abrams Cloverfield trailer seen

Cloverfield.jpgThe trailer for Cloverfield has been seen early according to reports, and the title remains the same, Cloverfield. Frankly they'd have been daft to radically change it what with all the press they've been getting under that name to date.

There's a textual description of the trailer, and although there are fast cuts and shaky-cam's everywhere, there is some interesting information to be had.

Devin over at CHUD caught the trailer somehow, I'm sure he's expecting lawyers letters any second, and he writes up a pretty indepth textual description of the trailer.

“It opens with text:

Multiple sightings of case designate 'Cloverfield'
Camera retrieved at incident site 'U.S. 447'
(Area formerly known as Central Park)...”

It goes on, but for me there are a couple of interesting reveals, so if you don't want to know anything about Cloverfield, look away. Oh, and how have you managed to stay spoiler free so far?!

One moment in the text says:

“Then there's footage of army guys running and shadows on a wall. Shadows of a screaming woman being attacked by a small monster (possibly two - either she's being pulled away from the monster by someone behind her or there's another monster behind her). It's confirmed: the movie has a big beast and small ones.”

So it looks like the earlier rumour about the big monster “giving birth” to the other, smaller monsters which create just as much havoc as their mummy.

Written down I have to say that some of the dialogue and descriptions are a little cheesy, such as:

“I have no idea what it is. If you found this,if you're watching this thing, you know more about it than i do....

...Guy: Are you still filming?
Cameraman: Yeah. People are going to want to know... how it all went down.”

Reading some of the lines it doesn't sound very good, but then these are text transcriptions after the fact and without the dramatic aid of music and pictures. So we'll just have to wait until it's released on the Internet to know for sure.



after the crap they pulled with you earlier this year, i am prepared to wipe my arse with this movie. i still haven't gotten over that, honestly.

the first trailer was freaking awesome. But come on. smaller monsters and a larger one? did they not see a movie called Godzilla, which flopped harder than Jean Reno's fake american accent? it's a bad idea. it can't end out good. the raptors from JP killed the whole idea.

so we have smaller monsters. Shakey cam. honestly cheesy dialog, a name they either won't reveal or one that sucks ( cloverfield. cloverfield. cloverfield. say it over and over. it's funny ) and now more dangled information to keep us talking.

J.J. Abrahms should have taken my advice and just remade The Blob.


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