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Abrams Star Trek plot revealed?

StarTrek_Poster.jpgThere's a big rumour online today and a possible huge reveal for the new Star Trek film from J.J. Abrams in the form of a plot reveal.

We get to hear how the story ties into a previous episode of the original series, and when I mean tie in I mean directly follow on from. We also hear how and why people are travelling back in time and also what they intend to do. If this rumour is real it's big.

Now do bear in mind that it's a rumour, and also bear in mind that this has some big spoilers in it, so if you don't want to know turn away now. Of course, it might not be true after all that, but it's worth reading.

Apparently the film will tie with the original episode called The City on the Edge of Forever where Dr. McCoy, or Bones, has gone slightly mad and beams down to a planet where there's a portal that can point to anywhere in the past.

Of course he leaps through it and seconds later the landing party can't contact the Enterprise anymore, the portal proclaims that time has been altered and the Enterprise no longer exists. So they go after Bones and they all end up back in time and meet Joan Collins...no, not in Dynasty.

Anyway, it seems that the Romulans discover this portal well in the future and decide to use it to come back and kill Kirk, meanwhile Spock finds out what's going on and heads back to his younger self to enlist him to save the young Kirk.

Got it? Well that's the short potted version, IESB has the bigger, more detailed version from a scooper that has given them some very reliable information in the past, so perhaps it's true. I'd recommend reading the whole thing if you've made it this far.

Now I like the fact that they are tying it in so closely with the original series, and it does start to sound promising when it's fleshed out, but I just can't help but struggle with the whole time travel thing, something the series turns to so often.

What do you think though, is this Star Trek plot rumour positive enough to outweigh the strange casting choices?



I agree that they turn to the time travel theme too often. It is not something that can happen very often unless it is done extremely well such as in The Voyage Home movie. I wish they would think of something else.

I just can't give this project the benefit of the doubt. I think I go see Cloverfield instead, at least that looks like a fresh way to tell a story instead of this time-manipulation crap, something the Star Trek folks turn to out of laziness and attempting to relive past glories. Ugggh. *YAWN*

Yay another time travel episode! With the way Trek episodes/movies time travel one would think the whole universe would be on the verge imploding now! Hehe.
My excitement is reserved - maybe it will turn out to be something good.


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