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Actors and Actresses support Writers

SeanPenn.jpgA series of short videos are appearing online which show the support from actors and actresses for the writer's current strike action, and hints at something far more worrying for Hollywood in the months to come.

You see the contract between the Screen Actors (and Actresses) Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers is due for renewal as well, and so these videos hint to Hollywood that they may well be prepared to strike too.

High profile actors and actresses are joining up to create short Internet films to highlight the cause of the Writers and why they are striking. Here are the first three featuring Holly Hunter, Richard Benjamin, Paula Prentiss and Sean Penn. This first with Hunter is a real good example of why we can't do without writers, and what the support might be like if Hollywood try and work without them.

If these high profile actors and actresses are already coming out in support of the writers then you have to start wondering what they will do when their contract review appears. Are they too going to strike in favour of higher residuals from internet and mobile delivery channels? I think it's looking like they're posturing and preparing themselves to do just that.

Here are the first three videos from Deadline Hollywood Daily, thanks to Empire for the heads up. The videos are the idea of director/writer George Hickenlooper and writer Alan Sereboff, and there are a number of them to feature throughout the weekend.

Apparently they were going to be black and white shorts of actors and actresses staring to camera, but then this is much better and much more accessible to the audience. They can easily identify with it, whereas an actor starting at the camera seems to be somewhat intimidating to the audience.

Here's Holly Hunter having writer problems

Here's Richard Benjamin miming to Paula Prentiss

Finally for today, here's Sean Penn telling us about the writer's issue, and having a few difficulties. I like this one.

The rest are set to appear at Deadline Hollywood Daily over this weekend and will feature such names as Tina Fey, Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Woody Allen, Tim Robbins, Kate Beckinsale, Josh Brolin, and Susan Sarandon.

I think this should be a big sign to the Hollywood studios. They should be sitting up and taking note that big name actors and actresses are really coming out in open support for the writers. If this goes on we can expect the Screen Actors Guild to be the next to go on strike, and that would be a disaster for the studios.

Hopefully by then a deal will be met with the writers and come the time for the actors to resign they'll be offered an acceptable deal.



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