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Actor's Speechless strike videos continue

Book.jpgFollowing on from the first three Speechless clips where A-List actors are speaking out for the striking writers in some clever short films, the next eight are online.

The previous three starred Holly Hunter, Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss and Sean Penn. Now these star Jeff Garlin, the cast of Ugly Betty, David Schwimmer and Kate Beckinsale, Andre 3000, Laura Linney, Bill Macy and Felicity Huffman, Harvey Keitel and Nicolette Sheridan and Eva Longoria.

Interestingly the embed option on these videos have been disabled, so I can no longer add them to this post, instead you have to go over to the Deadline Hollywood Daily column and see them there, along with the site advertising.

These clips have been made to advertise the cause of the writers who are striking and currently not earning anything, but the Deadline Hollywood Daily Site has the exclusive viewing of these clips and is earning money for each viewing. Isn't that a little bit of a dichotomy there? In fact isn't any site carrying them and making profit from them a bit off considering the strike action? Or would it be unfair and biased to do something such as give the money earned on these posts to the strike fund?

Still, here are the links for them all.

Some of these are rather good, I love the Schwimmer-Beckinsale looks to each other and the Huffman-Macy ending is gorgeous.



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