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Alba on stage during actor's strike?

JessicaAlba.jpgJessica Alba might be preparing to head to the stage when the Actor's strike comes round as she prepares to head to Broadway.

Apparently she is in talks to star in David Mamet's Speed the Plow, a role once played by Madonna.

According to the story from WENN through IMDB, which can often be filled with rumours that fall flat, she is planning to take the role which she hopes will coincide with the proposed actor's strike and therefore keep her working.

They have her quoted as telling Live with Regis and Kelly:

“I have been asked. It's perfect timing because of the strike. There might be an actor's strike in June. So if they don't resolve, I can do theatre.”

Sounds a good thing to do to keep in work, but I wonder what the Actors Guild might think of that, after all isn't it still acting? Just not screen acting.

Regardless of that I think it's a good move for Jessica Alba, she really does need to get some strong acting under her belt and right now she isn't really getting those roles from Hollywood, she really does seem to be set in a couple of genres that perhaps don't allow her to show off her full potential.



Does it count as acting if you can't really act?

LOL @ Lars. My thoughts exactly.

Though maybe she could learn a thing or two if she steps onto the stage? Of course, if she's as bad on stage as she is on film the critics won't be so nice. It might encourage her to take an acting class or two?
I have never seen any real potential in her, but if she took some time to study the craft she might become passable.


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