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American Gangster faces DEA action

AmericanGangster.jpgIt seems that American Gangster (Filmstalker review) has upset a few people it perhaps shouldn't have, namely one of the policemen who worked the original case.

Gregory Korniloff was the case agent for the DEA and was heavily involved in the case, and according to rumour his attorney has sent a cease and desist letter to the studio.

The letter is supposed to demand a retraction of some statements made in the film. Korniloff actually participated in the search of Frank Lucas' house, the character played by Denzel Washington, as well as his arrest. So this isn't a policemen on the fringe of events.

The rumour comes from TMZ.com, the exact source and link isn't given by the quoting story from WENN through IMDB, a horrible practice.

What this means for the film I have no idea, I'm not a legal brain, but it could mean anything up to the studio having to pull the film, or at the very least post on a short banner of retraction somewhere on the film.

Mind you it could just mean that they get sued for a shed load of cash too.



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