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Bridges being pitched TRON sequel

Tron.jpgThere's been talk on and off about a TRON sequel for some time, but never really anything that's come to too much. However it seems that one of the original stars would be keen and he's revealed that there's a pitch for it coming his way.

Jeff Bridges, who played the computer programmer sucked into the digital world of the super computer he's working on, has revealed that there is something in the works and that he would do it, if it was right.

For those of you who don't know what TRON was all about, let me help out. Jeff Bridges character was digitally puled into the world inside the computer, a digital world that was controlled by a dictator and forced its programs to fight in gladitorial games to the death. Inside the system he teams up with a security program that he wrote called TRON, played by Bruce Boxleitner, and heads out to try and free himself, as well as the programs stuck inside this world.

The film is great fun, and at the time the effects were cutting edge, even now it stands the test of time well because of the stylised animation. If you haven't seen it give it a go, it's a good film.

Previously I had written about the original Director being back on board the remake, and that it was moving forward. However since then it's been quiet. Until now.

In a round table interview through Collider he revealed that there's a pitch coming his way.

"I hear they’re going to pitch me one pretty soon so…there’s a lot of reasons not to do it. But the reasons to do it and the reason I did that one was because it was so innovative and I understand that they’ve got a whole new batch of stuff like that… innovations that they want to use on this so that could be kind of fun."

Now you can imagine where this film could go, with the original being ahead of its time in effects, imagine what they could do with the animation teams nowadays on the project. However that depends on if they give it a healthy budget or not, because nowadays these cutting edge technologies cost big money.

What could they do? Cutting edge motion capture 3-D high definition? Well that certainly would work for inside the digital world.



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