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British writers warned to stay away from Hollywood

Book.jpgThe message from the head of the British screenwriters' guild (we would just call them unions over here under any other profession) has asked its members to seriously consider the consequences if they work on any U.S. film while the U.S. writers are on strike.

The announcement comes as reports arrive of American producers looking for British writers to fill the gap. Presumably they are looking to European writers as well.

The Guardian carry the story and point out that UK productions seldom come under the legislation of the Writers Guild of America, however Bernie Corbett, the General Secretary of the Writers Guild (Union) of Great Britain, has openly said it might not be a good career move.

“Strike-breaking would at best be a short-term payday but would have a devastating long-term effect on a writer's US career”

Yet the practicalities are if you are a British writer with no plans on breaking Hollywood, this could bring in a good number of projects and a nice pay day, especially if you talk up the fact that you are willing to break the picket lines.

The reality is if producers are approaching British writers then how far are they going to go? It's a short hop to Europe and are they more likely to agree to work there considering how Hollywood treats foreign talent.

How do you feel about the writer's strike and the fact that British or European writers could be replacing American ones behind the scenes? If that did happen it could hit what the American writers are trying to do in Hollywood, however it could be a great opportunity for Europe to provide an influx of talent to Hollywood.



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