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Cannonball Run remake

CaptainChaos.jpgI loved the Cannonball Run, Burt Reynolds and “Him” aka Captain Chaos aka Dom DeLuise were fantastic, and the great line up of stars to race those cars were fantastic, but a remake?

Well not yet anyway. The writer and creator of the original Cannonball Run film, Brock Yates, has been talking about a possible remake, and you know what? He has me thinking...

The Cannonball Run is a great film and has a superb cast. It takes an event that holds a lot of mystique because it has expensive and very fast cars that have to be pushed past the limits of the law in order to win. Then it adds a host of big name stars, some of whom are parodying themselves and the characters they've played, and bags of fun and comedy, and it works.

Here's what Brock Yates had to say about a possible remake through Moviehole:

“I wouldn't be surprised if someone didn't step up and try to do it, but nothing has happened at this point...I really believe that comedies and light stories like "Cannonball" would really work today. I mean there's been so much heavy stuff and the movie industry really needs to revamp itself and think about large audiences, and especially young audiences.”

Yates was talking talking about his new film which he hopes to get off the ground, the story of two Americans who head out to enter the Le Mans race, it's called Yankee Lady, and frankly I don't think we can have enough motorsports films.

I totally agree that there has to be more fun films, but really fun films, not films just filled with jokes that either have someone hitting something without seeing it, falling over, or making a joke about a sexual or bodily function, because that seems to be all Hollywood comedy can muster right now.

The original Cannonball Run stars such names as Burt Reynolds, Roger Moore, Farrah Fawcett, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Dom DeLuise, Adrienne Barbeau, Jack Elam, Jackie Chan, Peter Fonda and Bianca Jagger. Now there's a cast, and that's one of the big reasons that the film works so well.

So what would happen if they did it today? Well scrub that, because if they did they'd ruin it straight away. Let's try that again, what could they do to make a new Cannonball Run as good as the last?

Well they have to follow what made the first so good, and see how they made Ocean's Eleven work. Keep the big names, go the big budget route, and make a great film. Oh, and they have to upgrade the cars.

There would have to be some of the sexiest film stars and entertainment icons possible, and a bunch of superbly funny actors with brilliant timing, and I mean funny, not slapstick and fart/sex one liners, and big names too. Oh, and we'd have to have “Him” back too....Captain Chaos.

What would you want a new Cannonball Run to look like, and who would you want to play the characters?



They should do a direct remake, same lines or close to it. Only update not change completely. The music was original (even the james bond take off song), well you could change the James Bond-actor concept to something current, like Batman's actor or Wolverine...

Here's my idea of some that would be perfect replacements in a remake... I listed the actors' names alongside the original actors to make it easier.

Katt Williams - Sammy Davis Jr (Fenderbaum)
Dane Cook - Dean Martin (Jamie Blake)
Jack Black - Dom Deluise (Victor/Chaos)
Ashton Kutcher - Burt Reynolds (JJ)
Jessica Simpson - Farah Fawcett (Pamela Glover)
Lewis Black - Jack Elam (Dr. Van Helsing)
David Koechner - George Furth (Mr Foyt)

and of course, cameos all over, of all the funny people on the screen right now.

oh yeah, almost forgot

Jackie Chan - reclaims his role
Ken Jeong as his partner in the subaru

Ken played Dr. Kuni in Knocked Up (2007) and appears in many of Judd Apatow's films

ok, I think I'm done for now...

That's a good list Panda, but was there a need to make it all young and fresh actors? There's a few older names in there, but it does read a little like a current "it" list.

Remember a lot of the characters from the original were huge names, iconic in some ways, and perhaps we need to see that reflected for a remake?


First sorry my English

I see yesterday again the movie Cannoball and think about a new one... but with other Actors...

George Clooney - Brad Pitt

Tommy Lee Jones - Samuel L. Jackson

Will Smith - Kevin James

Jacky Chan - Lucy Liu

Halle Berry - Cameron Diaz

And the Chaos Team

Jack Black - Martin Lawrence

Yes.. i now... i can dream :)


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