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Cattrall says Sex film is for cash

KimCattrall.jpgKim Cattrall has finally revealed her reasons for appearing in the Sex and the City film, and she's being pretty honest about it all.

She's said that the real reason she's doing it is for the money, simply to fund her living in London.

Well there I was thinking that it was for the Sex and the City fanbase, building the love and commitment and giving them something back, after all that's what all films from television series are about...sure, I don't believe a word of that either.

Television series being adapted to films are to get the actors and actresses greater exposure in the film market, to make the studio more money on an established fan base with small start up production costs, and yeah, to make cash.

Well done Kim Cattrall for just being honest.

She allegedly spoke to The Sun and the quote comes through Digital Spy.

“I’m doing it for the money. I always felt that it was about the money. We should all do it and make a lot of money and if we weren't going to make the money why do it?

It's expensive to live [in London] and if I keep working for ITV, I'll never be able to afford it. If this is the only Sex And The City film we do, that's fine. If it isn't, I can buy a bigger apartment.”

That's what she supposedly said to the newspaper. With the feelings between cast members that are being reported on the set of the film there's probably no surprise that she would be feeling this. I wonder what the other cast members are feeling about her at the moment?



Wow, that is refreshingly honest. I like our Gracie Law. Tellin' it like it is.

Can't say I'm surprised, other than surprised if she actually said it out loud. I sure as hell don't go to work for the sheer enjoyment!


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