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Chain Letter horror - dumbest idea ever?

Spam.jpgThe story behind this film seems utterly ridiculous, but I have no doubt that it will make money and do well in the box office.

Chain Letter is about a psychotic killer who murders people who haven't forwarded on his chain letter. He's called Chain Man and he kills people with chains.

Are you groaning yet? What's the bet that there's been some terribly unhappy childhood issue with a chain letter which caused the death of his parents, and there would have to be physical chains involved too.

The Hollywood Reporter through Jo Blo tells us the utterly disappointing news and that Nikki Reed, Noah Segan, Keith David and Betsy Russell will star in the film. Twisted Pictures are behind it as are Producers from the Saw franchise. Deon Tayler is writing.

Michael Bailey Smith is already signed to play Chain Man with his victims picked out as Matthew Cohen, Cody Kasch, Michael J. Pagan, Cherilyn Wilson, Nikki Reed and Noah Segan. Clifton Powell is the high school coach (of course there's one!) and Betsy Russell and Keith David are police officers who are tying to link together the clues and lock down the killer, perhaps using a fence or two for information on the way.

Yes, the jokes may be corny, but not as much as the idea, surely?

Update: Danielle in the comments is insistent that I update the details of the film, so here goes:

Deon Taylor and Michael J. Pagan are producing and are co-writing the project.

There you go.



Awesome! Leading up to the sequel where somebody doesn't get that very important life-saving email due to a spam-filter malfunction filling up their inbox leads to the birth of a spam hating vigilante who is the arch nemesis of chain man, he will fight fire with fire, fight chain with cans of spam!

nice image, man. spam is the bane of my internet experience.

but you know this sounds like a good idea to me? if it is done right it could be good.

that leaves to say it could be epic bad as well.

Very good Ram! Shall we collaborate on the script?

I'm plumping for a big failure, although I'll probably still see it because it has caught my eye too!

Sure, I'm not even joking, I could write a script .. :-P

Oooh...and I've been planning on doing that very thing for some time now. Perhaps we should try?

I can see it working in a Kevin Smith style of humour. You've been planning on writing a script or you've been planning a script about a vendetta against the chain man? or just the vendetta part.

I've been thinking about writing a script for a while now...

As just a thought or is there some hidden long-term goal here?

Ach no, I doubt I'm going to make it as a scriptwriter, just have some ideas and such mulling around that I think could look good on paper.

Plus I've written all my life so I know there's something to come out, however I don't have the self belief to say that it would be anything but a bit of fun for myself!

The information regarding Chain Letter is not totally correct. The Movie is produced by Deon Taylor and Michael J. Pagan and Written by Deon Taylor and Michael J Pagan. Please correct. Here is Reuters link.

Well actually there's nothing incorrect about the information in the article, it's just not detailing everything that you've quoted from the Reuters article.

No matter though, you've just put the information in the quote so it's added. Many thanks for the update.

Righto Richard & Ram, what's happening with your collaboration? Are you two going to be the new Matt Damon and Ben Affleck? Do you need a muse? ;)

Mmmm...maybe we could start a collaborative script...We'd have to find a matching idea.

Ehr, let me ask it again, do you guys need a muse? ;)

(Forgive me, I am celebrating with bottles Smirnoff Ice)

No problem, please update the info in your article.

Everybody needs a muse. ;)

Now that's the answer I was waiting for! Well done you Ram! ;)

The movie concept is normal and successful, making fun of a desperate situation. When was the last Keith David movie you can complain about, or the luxurious beauty of Betsy Russell?

I think you're looking at this the wrong way. It's obviously a tongue-in-cheek movie, and those always have the potential to be great fun. Go into it with an open mind and you might find that you enjoy yourself.

Well i like the whole ideal of the movie it seem like its going to be really good i seen the trailer for this movie in it seem very good and you cant hate on Nikki Reed she is doing her thing in the movie twilight and now she staring in this movie and Betsy Russell from saw 6 she also staring in this movie wit other people as well so i think its going to be a hit

Although I am doubtful about this film, I'll be attending its theatrical release. I am a longtime fan of the talents of Brad Dourif and Michael Bailey Smith. They are legends at what they do. Nikki Reed is attractive, though I was never a fan of Twilight nor Thirteen.

I hope that people's at-a-glance opinions change after they see this.

I saw this at a film festival in sac. CRAZY!!!!! This movie is Really good.I cant wait to see the finished product


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